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Longer naps in noisy environments


It will ease stressful and noisy situations for your baby and child like going to the supermarket, restaurant or while vacuuming your house. Your baby´s sleep will improve and it´s also very comfortable to wear.

LITTLE SNOOZE is a beanie hat with a functional acoustical design that protects your babies’ and toddlers’ ears from unhealthy noise and can make your everyday life a lot easier.

Little Snooze makes noisy environments enjoyable for you and your kids.

Mother and baby enjoying their day in the park.
Mother and baby on their way to a supermarket with noise protection.

Best noise protection

Babies are even more sensitive to noise than adults and need protection in our busy everyday life.


Mother and Child

"I can spend more time with my
baby&friends in cafés and restaurants."

Anna, mother of two, Stockholm

Beanie hat on the go

Comfortable for your children and babies with a modern design and easy to bring along.

Little snooze baby beanie hat on the go
Sleeping baby having a better nap time.

Happy Baby - Happy Parent

Little snooze improves nap time and prevents harmful overstimulation.

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Stockholm, Sweden

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