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Gloria Kraus founder of Little Snooze

In 2019 Gloria Kraus became an aunt to a beautiful baby girl. She noticed that her niece was easily stressed in busy and noisy situations. Being the type of person that tries to find solutions, Gloria decided to do some research. What started as a way to help her sister get a little more rest with a new baby turned into a mission to find a noise dampening solution that is feasible and comfortable for everyday situations - Train rides, air travel, in restaurants, cafes and special events with loved ones. With Little Snooze, this dream came true! 

Little Snooze was founded with a vision to make noisy environments more enjoyable for everyone. We’ve developed state-of-the art beanie that helps parents to ensure their children have fewer stress symptoms and more (better and longer!) restful sleep. We design products that create calm spaces, relax the user, and prevent stress; They can also improve concentration and nap times during the day which helps parents maintain their independence without compromising their babies’ needs.

Two more mothers joined the team in 2021, Thy Lundkvist motivated by two toddlers of her own and Mia Lindberg, a creative mother of three with a great love of the outdoors. In 2022, Tamara Heinz joined our team, eager to create calm spaces for everyone.

Little Snooze launches our first product in 2022 - the Beanie! We are excited to invite you on our journey as we introduce Little Snooze to the world one baby at a time .



Gloria Kraus

Founder & CEO

Gloria is a trained
sustainability ninja who is
passionate about
peoples well-being.


Thy Lundkvist

Chief Commercial Officer
& Business Developer

Thy is our business development expert because she knows parents' needs as a mother of two.

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Tamara Heinz_edited.jpg

Tamara Heinz

Chief Growth Officer 

Tamara's dream is to make sustainable products available to everyone by engaging with customers through her knowledge in
e-commerce and SEO.


Mia Lindberg

Chief Marketing Officer
& Creative Director

Mia is our creative director who combines her three children with design to create something good.

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