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Image by Nelson Ndongala

Noise pollution - a threat to our health

Noise pollution is considered as a top environmental threat to our health, according to the WHO. More than 50% of European citizens live in unpleasant and noisy environments causing long-term health effects such as hearing loss and heart diseases.

Noise levels are increasing

The noise level in urban areas is increasing while comfort and health are compromised. Especially children, as well as people with special needs (autistic, Adhs, hyperacusis, tinnitus) suffer from noise pollution. 

Image by Jon Tyson

1/10 children
have noise induced hearing losses.

 Long-term noise exposure can cause increased stress levels, sleep disturbance and hearing loss.

Woman at Subway

Road traffic - largest source of noise in Sweden

Road traffic is today the largest source of noise in Sweden, and the number of residents who are disturbed by road noise is steadily increasing as more and more people move to the cities and new homes are built near busy roads. 

After road traffic - comes neighbours

Next to road traffic, we are most disturbed by our neighbours, according to the National Board of Health and Welfare's latest environmental health report. Consequently, noise from neighbours is often perceived as very stressful.

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