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Updated: Jul 9, 2020

For a newborn everything is new. Everything will be experienced for the first time and your baby is trained to consciously process all impressions. Too many impressions, like too many different or too loud sounds, exhaust the baby and can cause a high level of stress.

Eventhough the baby might not react directly to certain noises in restaurants or cafes, it is stressful and even harmful for their development. You can notice this when your baby becomes fretful or cries. This is the point in time when most parents think, it is enough for today...

Little Snooze will solve this problem for you!

  • We will provide you comfortable and safe hats which soften the sound

  1. Very Light

  2. Soft & Comfortable

  3. Safe & Ergonomic

  4. Multiple Colors

  5. Antibacterial and sustainable fabrics

We are currently working on the best softwares and our perfect-fit technology for our products.

Subscribe and stay tuned!

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