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What is White Noise and is it good for sleeping?

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

The healthiest sleep is in a silent environment of about 30 dB. Silence is scientifically proven to be beneficial for us and our sleep. Even if we manage to sleep in noisy environment, the sleep tends to be unrestful and less deep.

Yet, if you and your baby are falling asleep easier with some help, that is totally fine.

What is White Noise and other color noises?

As the name says, White Noise is a sound, it combines sounds of all different audible frequencies together at the same energy level. Examples are television static or hissing radiator which gives you a steady humming sound.

Rustling leaves, wind, heartbeats or steady rain are usually perceived as calming and relaxing. Those sounds can be found everywhere in nature and are called Pink Noise. Similar to White Noise, Pink Noise combines all audible frequencies, but the energy is unevenly distributed among them.

Compared to those two, Brown Noise is deeper such as thunder or a strong waterfall. Black noise describes informally the lack of noise.

How can sound help you to fall asleep?

Those sounds can potentially help you to fall asleep and relax. There are various White Noise machines, Apps and more available on the market. They can help you to get a sleeping routine and dive away from the stress.

However, it is not recommended to listen to White or Pink noise the whole night and not above 60dB. With White and Pink Noise, other sounds can be covered, but it continuously strains your senses subconsciously. It can cause overstimulation of the auditory cortex (where your brain receives the information) and it can be even overstimulating for the young brains of children. Further does too much noise in your everyday life cause negative side effects such as high blood pressure.

While it is easier to keep silence in your bedroom, it is difficult to provide good conditions for your babies or toddlers sleep during the day - you might be out grocery shopping, in a busy cafe or even flying. Those situations can be very noisy with over 85dB which obviously isn’t good in the first place for anyone, but especially for kids who have more vulnerable ears. It can cause high stress levels for the kid and high stress levels for you as a parent when you try to solve the situation. We want to inhibit this stress for you and your family by preventing the harmful overstimulation by noise. We researched many options how to help you and decided to go for the safest and most comfortable solution: sound-dampening headwear that prevents harmful sound to reach the ear. The Little Snooze Beanie has passive noise cancelling, there are no electronics, which means that the materials and design act noise isolating. The Little Snooze beanie itself can become part of the habits before the nap-time.

Tips to make falling asleep easier apart from White Noise:

· Remove bright light and other visual disturbances

· Avoid noisy environments and long exposure to White or Pink Noise

· Use the Little Snooze Beanie

· Develop a sleep routine for naps

To summarize, White and Pink Noise can help you and your kid to fall asleep! You may perceive some sounds as calming, others as annoying. You should find out what works for you. Just keep in mind that it should not be too loud and not over a long period of time. See it like the book you may read before bedtime (probably before you had kids;)), you get tired and calm while reading, you even fall asleep while reading, but eventually you put the book away on the nightstand and switch the light off. Sleep tight!

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